Our promise to education is Fun-raising and stress-reducing

Codeniacs is designed in such a way that teachers and schools are relieved in terms of program and commitment. Through an online learning environment, educational advisers, guest lecturers and events, all expertise is delivered for FREE. The school does make a commitment though and delivers the right means. In this way, a school can learn and execute in a simple and sustainable manner entrepreneurial learning through ICT.

Entrepreneurial behavior 21st century skills

21st century skills 5Ds

We work with Modern Techniques

The courses deepen ICT disciplines that are important now and in the future. In each displine pupils go to work with challenges that appeal to them. Doing so, the students program their solutions in Scratch, Blockly, Wikitext, HTML, CSS, Javascript and eventually even in Python. Open source software such as Git, ATOM, Blender, GIMP and Inkscape is used.

 Game development
 App building
 Artificial Intelligence
 Graphic Design
 Business Intelligence

  and Meaningful events


Our partners together form a unique crazy quilt

Codeniacs has been set up with pilot schools by experts in entrepreneurial learning and ICT. This effort was made possible by our sponsors.

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